SecureCheck Direct Deposit

SecureCheck Direct Deposit is a simple way to receive your direct deposited funds by check at your local check cashing store.


With over 80,000 recipients enrolled, SecureCheck Direct Deposit is a simple and safe way to receive federal and state government benefits (including Social Security and Veteran's benefits), payroll checks, pension and retirement benefits and even state unemployment benefits.  


If you have a regular payment that can be received by direct deposit then SecureCheck Direct Deposit can work for you.


Benefits of SecureCheck Direct Deposit include:

  • EARLY PAY on government benefits - up to four (4) days early.
  • Electronic notification of payment availability.
  • Toll-free number (866) 306-0258 for determining payment availability.
  • Improved choice, instead of being forced to a debit card.
  • Safe and more check lost or stolen in the mail.